Session 1: Soil health in urban agriculture (Remigio Paradelo, Anna Paltseva)

Session 2: Soil pollution and urban food growing (Liliane Jean-Soro, Béatrice Bechet, Thierry Lebeau, Cécile Le Guern)

Session 3: Amendments for SUITMA Soils

3a Amendments for soil and substrate in urban green infrastructure and NBS (Francesca Bretzel, Eliana Tassi)

3b Organic amendments as improvers of SUITMAs (Luke Beesley, Manhattan Lebrun)

Session 4: Constructed Technosols for the implementation in urban blue-green infrastructure (Moreen Willaredt, Thomas Nehls, Björn Kluge)

Session 5: Soil activities by urban governments (Wolfgang Burghardt)

Session 6: Nexus Urban Soils – ESG ratings, significance and management of soils for climate and health impact by enterprises (Wolfgang Burghardt)

Session 7: The urban soil working group in the German Soil Science Society (Lutz Makowsky, Thina Thrum)

Session 8: The open session on SUITMAs (Christina Siebe, Viacheslav Vasenev)

Detailed descriptions of the sessions could be found here for download:

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