SUITMA 11 oral sessions

Talk slots are 20 min, 12 min of presentation and 8 min of Q&A right after the talk. Breakout sessions follow some talks for in deep-panel discussion with their presenters. Conveners will lead the sessions and breakouts and cut after exactly 12 min 😉 – be prepared!!

MONDAY 05.09.2022






Prof. Kim Kye-Hoon (SUITMA President) – opening talk

The Open Session on SUITMAs

(Convener: Christina Siebe, Viacheslav Vasenev)


Kostecki, J., Greinert, A.

The impact of railway exploitation on urban soils


Beroigui, M., Ouvrard, S., Schwartz, C., Boularbah, A.

Urban soil carbon stability in semi-arid region: case study of Marrakech city


Kajiwara, T., Kawahigashi, M.

Heterogeneity in plant growth of the black pine planted on a coastal embankment along the Sendai Bay area


Jeon, D., Dickinson, N.

Copper and Soil Functionality


Breakout The Open Session on SUITMAs

Session Constructed Technosols

(Conveners: Moreen Willaredt; Thomas Nehls, Björn Kluge)


Abbruzzini, T., Mora, L., Solares, P.M., Caleb Orozco, S., Tinoco, L., Villasana, K., Escobar, S., Cabello, R., Cram, S., Prado, B.

Construction of purpose-designed Technosols from construction waste as substrates in the production of ornamental plants


Greinert, A., Kostecki, J.

Construction and demolition waste as a non-inert technogenic soil parent material


Cannavo, P., Artous, M., Lemmel, O., Buord, H., Vidal-Beaudet, L., Guénon, R.

Agronomic evaluation of green roof growing media based on recycled polyurethane foam


Coull, M., Butler,B., Hough, R., Beesley, L.

A geochemical and agronomic evaluation of Technosols made from construction and demolition fines mixed with green waste compost


Breakout Session on Constructed Technosols


Lunch break

Session Constructed Technosols

(Convener: Moreen Willaredt; Thomas Nehls, Björn Kluge)


Hanumesh, M., Maeder-Pras, S., Claverie, R., Séré, G.

Factors or Actors? Influence of rain, freeze-thaw and vegetation on the pedogenesis of green roof’s substrates


Deeb, M., Smagin, A.V., Groffman, P., Elfels,L., Jouquet, P.

Building soils for dry climates


Breakout Session on Constructed Technosols

Session of the urban soil working group in the German Soil Science Society

(Conveners:Thorsten Gaertig, Lutz Makowsky, Tina Thrum)

– Parallel Session with DBG Congress (Trier, Germany) live from Trier, Germany




Makowsky, L., Steinweg, B.

Description of Anthropogenic Components for Soil Mapping – A Glance to the German Guidelines for Soil Mapping, version 2022 (KA6)


Thrum, T., Klemm, J., Korintenberg, M., Zeitz, J.

Carbon in previously and currently sealed soils of Berlin


Löwe, O. Kurth, E.W., Weltecke, K., Gaertig, T.

Mobile CO2 measuring device for analysing the CO2 concentration in the soil air


Coffee Break

Session Soil Health in Urban Areas

(Conveners: Remigio Paradelo, Anna Paltseva)


Scartazza, A., Tassi, E., Scatena, M., Rosellini, I., Pini, R., Bretzel, F.

Effects of urban soil quality on the nutritional status of woody plants in a Mediterranean climate city


Le Guern, C., Béchet, B., Duvigneau, C., Capiaux, H., Lebeau, T., Keller, C., Diaz-Sanz, J., Moulin, J., Sheriff, R., Métois, R., Laroche, B., Schwartz, C., Franck-Néel, C., Branchu, P., Marseille, F.

Indicators of urban soil multifunctionality as input to assess soil health


Breakout Session on Soil Health in Urban Areas


dinner break

The Open Session on SUITMAs

(Convener: Christina Siebe, Viacheslav Vasenev)


Kovaleva, E., Trofimov, S.

Soil ecosystems of the Arctic under anthropogenic loads (Taimyr Peninsula)


Prokof’eva, T.V., Shoba, S.A., Goncharov, N.V., Shishkov, V.A.

Atmospheric dust as a material for soil formation in different land use areas of Moscow


Breakout on The Open Session on SUITMAs

Session Soil Activities by Urban Governments

(Convener: Wolfgang Burghardt, Lutz Makowsky)


Wolfgang Burghardt

The City needs soils, the City has soils – SUITMA research, advances in the past, and for the future


Bechet, B., Bodenan, P., Lebeau, T., Vidal-Beaudet, L., Cannavo, P., Lameiras, J., Tasheva, M.

Implementation of nature-based-solutions in neighbourhoods – An opportunity for preservation of open urban soils


Doux, H., Bechet, B., Bodenan, P., Arbarrotti, A., De Gouvello, B.

Soil issues in the panorama of urban gardening projects: a case study from Nantes


Breakout Session on Soil Activities by Urban Governments


Closing day 1

TUESDAY 06.09.2022

Session Amendments for SUITMA Soils

(Convener: Francesca Bretzel, Eliana Tassi, Luke Beesley, Manhattan Lebrun)


Sperling, K., Wagner, A., Kaupenjohann, M.

Long-term immobilization of heavy metals on a former sewage field by burnt lime, stone dust, leonardite and iron hydroxide


Huot, H., Watteau, F., Chen, Y., Guo, M., Liu, C., Liu, Y., Liu, W., Yuan, M., Zhu, S., Chao, Y.Q., Séré, G., Morel, J.L., Qiu, R.-L., Tang, Y.-T.

Role of organic amendment for the implementation of phytoremediation strategies of ion-adsorption rare earth element mine tailings in South China


Gavrichkova, O., Liberati, D., Vasenev, V., De Angelis, P.

Amendments to improve the functioning of urban lawns


Bretzel, F., Tassi, E.

Paper sludge as amendment of substrate in urban green infrastructure: properties, use and perspectives


Breakout Session on Amendments for SUITMA Soils


Pereira, S.I.A., Sousa, N., Castro, P.M.L., Moreira, H.

Phyto management of mine tailings using Vetiver associated with vermicompost and microbial-enriched hydrogels


Allory, V., Séré, G., Baudin, F., Ouvrard, S.

Mineralization of organic artefacts: implication for carbon early dynamics in Technosols


Breakout Session on Amendments for SUITMA Soils

Session Nexus Urban Soils – ESG ratings, significance and management of soils for climate and health impact

(Convener: Wolfgang Burghardt, Kolja Thestorf)


Paradelo, R., Herbón, C., Barral,M.T., Pontevedra-Pombal, X., García-Rodeja, E.

Morphology and classification of urban soils in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)


Vidal-Beaudet, L., Schwartz, C., Auclerc, A., Barantal, S., Cortet, J., Dozières, A., Lata, J.C, Maron, P-A., Turcati, L., Vergnes, A.

A global field survey to assess urban soil biodiversity of urban greenspaces


Norini, M-P., Motelica-Heino, M., Boscardin, R., Hellal, J., Bonthoux, S., Legay, N.

Functional profiles of soil microbial populations in a urban context: land use vs geology


Ramier, D., Fernandez, M., Dumont, E., Payet, C., Gallis, D., Branchu, P., Pons-Branchu, E.

Impact of two centuries of urbanization on urban soil and groundwater. A diachronic study of Paris conurbation water sources


Breakout Session on Nexus Urban Soils


Lunch break

Session Nexus Urban Soils – ESG ratings, significance and management of soils for climate and health impact

(Convener: Wolfgang Burghardt, Kolja Thestorf)


Dolgikh, A., Vasenev, V., Gorbov, S., Ivashchenko, K., Korneykova, M., Kozyrev, D., Petrov, D., Salnik, N., Saltan, N., Sarzhanov, D., Skripnikov, P., Slukovskaya, M., Soshina, A., Umanets, M.

Soil carbon dioxide emissions of the cities of European Russia across bioclimatic zones


Le Guern, C., Prézeau, F., Clozel, B., Leduc, T., Musy, M., Rodler, A., Tasca-Guernouti, S., Béchet,B., Dufrasnes, E., Stabile, O., Recknagel, C., Garnier, H., Lefranc, A.

Soil properties and de-sealing strategies: feedback from the DésiVille project (France)


Correa Pereira, M., Stevens, C., Whitlock, R., O’Riordan, R.

Sealing changes properties and depletes the bacterial diversity in urban soils


Vasenev, V., Varentsov, M., Korneykova, M., Ivashchenko, K.V., Sarzhanov, D.A., Gorbov, S.N.

Carbon stocks and fluxes in urban soils: challenges and perspectives for climate mitigation


Breakout Session on Nexus Urban Soils

Session Soil pollution and urban food growing

(Convener: Liliane Jean-Soro, Béatrice Bechet, Thierry Lebeau, Cécile Le Guern)


Kim, B.-H., Yoon, J.-H., Kim, K.-H.

Distribution of microplastics in soil of Seoul according to land use


Thestorf, K., Krüger, A., Makki, M.

Enrichment and environmental risk assessment of military-related heavy metals on inner-city shooting range soils in the Berlin Metropolitan Area


Kohli, A., Jean-Soro, L., Guénon, R., Vidal-Beaudet, L.

Effect of self-produced composts on lead uptake by lettuce from moderately contaminated soil of an urban allotment garden


Breakout Session Soil pollution and urban food growing


Moreira, H., Sousa, S., Cunha, J., Castro, P. M. L., Pereira, S. I. A.

Isolation of metal-tolerant bacteria from metallophytes for bioaugmentation purposes in mine tailings


Achour, Y., Motelica-Heino, M., Tlil, H., Soussi, F., Soussi, R.

Ecodynamics of metals (Pb, Zn, Cd) and metalloids (Sb, As) in carbonated soils contaminated by mining waste (Northern Tunisia)


Breakout Session Soil pollution and urban food growing


dinner break

The Open Session on SUITMAs

(Convener: Christina Siebe, Viacheslav Vasenev)


Ivanova, A.E., Sidorova, T.A., Val`aev, D.A., Plotnikova, K.A., Prokof`eva, T.V., Umarova, A.M.

The mycobiota in solid atmospheric aerosols and surface urban soils of roadside and recreational areas of the metropolis Moscow


Cram, S., Prado, B., Ortega, P., Mora, L., Peña, V., Siebe, C.

The university campus as an opportunity to build awareness on urban soils


Breakout on The Open Session on SUITMAs



Organizers, John Kim, Gerd Wessolek, Remigio Paradelo

Bye, Bye SUITMA 11, Welcome to SUITMA 12!

Conference closing

Download: SUITMA 11 oral program

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