The most important question for the local organization team since spring 2020 was if SUITMA 11 can be held in presence and if so, under which restrictions and costs or if it must be switched to an online conference. Since that time, the world affairs did not get easier for all of us.

Regarding all this unpredictability, the number of abstracts received was too small to still plan the conference in presence. In constant exchange and with the agreement of the scientific committee we had to decide to organize SUITMA 11 as an online conference. This way, we can maximize reach, we can offer it almost for free, we do not have to exclude participants (due to covid19 the venue was restricted to only 70 participants), and – last but not least – we minimize the financial risks for all of us. The good message however is you are still very welcome to Berlin!

To those of you willing and able to travel to Berlin, we are working on a programm for two days of interessting excursions in Berlin. So, stay tuned for more details including the excursion registration!

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