SUITMA 11 poster sessions

Note: Posters will be presented as 5 min poster talks, deposited and presented online. For presentation video links use the program below, not the pdf! The pdf file will be updated later!

Poster Program

The poster session is open now! First contributions are online! 🙂 Thanks to all authors who created and uploaded their poster presentations!

Session Soil Health in Urban Areas

(Conveners: Remigio Paradelo, Anna Paltseva)


Miguel Izquierdo-DĂ­az, Veronika Hansen, Eduardo De Miguel, Fernando Barrio-Parra, Humberto Serrano, Jorge Loredo, Yawen You, Jakob Magid

Lettuce for more than just eating: monitoring air quality

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M. GĂłmez-BrandĂłn, M. Probst, C. HerbĂłn, M.T. Barral, R. Paradelo

Composition and associations of bacteria and fungi in urban allotment gardens soils from Santiago de Compostela, Northwestern Spain

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A.M. Glushakova, T.V. Prokofeva, L.V.Lysak, A.V. Kachalkin, S.A. Shoba, N.V. Goncharov,E.V.Lapygina, A.A. Belov, T.A. Gracheva

Characteristics of microbial complexes of urban soils and dust aerosols in different functional zones of Moscow

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Session Soil Pollution and Urban Food Growing

(Conveners: Liliane Jean-Soro, BĂ©atrice Bechet, Thierry Lebeau, CĂ©cile Le Guern)


Madline Atika, Benidire Leila, Beroigui Meriyem, Boularbah Ali

Enhancement of Kettara mine tailings phytoremediation under drought stress using Peganum harmala inoculated by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria


E. Chebykina, T. Nizamutdinov, E. Abakumov

Trace metal postpyrogenic soil contamination in traffic area of Russian Arctic


Marina Slukovskaya, Tatiana Ivanova, Eugenia Krasavtseva, Viktoria Maksimova, Irina Mosendz

Remediation of industrially disturbed soil using modified layered silicates in the Subarctic

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Grega E. Voglar, Simon Gluhar, Anela Kaurin, Domen Leštan

Large-scale demonstration of ReSoil®, a sustainable technology for soil washing of metal contaminated soil

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K.A. Bakhmatova, A.A.Sheshukova

Soil diversity of the historical center in St. Petersburg (Russia) as a result of the urban land use history

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Session Amendments for SUITMA Soils

(Conveners: Francesca Bretzel, Eliana Tassi, Luke Beesley, Manhattan Lebrun)


Ait Elallem Khadija, Idali Noureddine, Yasri Abdelaziz, Boularbah Ali.

Optimizing the use of organic amendments for the rehabilitation of degraded mine tailings

poster presentation


Alice Kohli, Liliane Jean-Soro, René Guénon, Laure Vidal-Beaudet

Home and community composts are potential source of metals and metalloids for urban garden


Nafise Deimkar, Yassine Chafik, Marta Sena-Velez, Steeve Thany, Sylvain Bourgerie, Emiliane Taillebois, Domenico Morabito

Transfer, accumulation and biological impact of As and Pb in the soil pore water-broad bean-aphid continuum: a case of mining soils remediated with biochar

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Guillaume Hostyn, Jean-Marie Côme, Stéphanie Ouvrard, Christophe Schwartz

Does size matter? Method development for agronomic properties characterization of coarse fractions



Yassine Chafik, Marta Sena-Velez, Azzouz Boukroute, Sylvain Bourgerie, Domenico Morabito

Use of a locally sourced and produced biochar to reduce the bioavailability of Pb, Cd, Zn and Cu of a mining Technosol

poster presentation


Guo Meina, Huot Hermine, Liu Chang, Liu Ye, Liu Wenshen, Yuan Ming, Zhu Shichen, Chen Yingyan, Chao Yuan-Qing, Morel Jean Louis, Qiu Rong-Liang, Watteau Françoise, Séré Geoffroy, Tang Ye-Tao

The role of phytoremediation strategies of ion-adsorption rare earth elements mine tailings highlighted by macroaggregate typology

poster presentation


Ashley Schnackenberg, Géraldine Bidar, Valérie Bert, Patrice Cannavo, Sébastien Détriché, Francis Douay, René Guenon, Liliane Jean-Soro, Alice Kohli, Thierry Lebeau, Karen Perronnet, Laure Vidal-Beaudet, Christophe Waterlot, Aurélie Pelfrêne

Effects of amendments on the mobility, bioaccessibility, and phytoavailability of As, Cd, Pb, and Zn in contaminated urban kitchen garden soils

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Session Constructed Technosols

(Conveners: Moreen Willaredt, Thomas Nehls, Björn Kluge)


Petra Heckova, Michal Snehota, John Koestel, Ales Klement, Radka Kodesova

Soil structure development of anthropogenic soils used in bioretention cell



Thalita Abbruzzini, Miguel Delgado Reyes, Lucy Mora, Silke Cram, Blanca Prado

Evaluation of Technosols constructed with construction waste as alternative substrates to peat moss in container nurseries of forest plants


Gwendal Libessart, Catherine Franck-NĂ©el, Philippe Branchu, Christophe Schwartz

Experimental pedology for a better understanding of the human factor of pedogenesis in urban areas

poster presentation


Pénélope Cheval, Bertrand Vandoorne, Francis Douay, Christelle Pruvot, Aurélie Pelfrêne

Using constructed Technosols for urban bio-intensive market gardening: Assessment of their habitat and food biomass production functions

poster presentation


Kening Wu, Shiheng Hao, Qijun Yang

Soil Classification of Typical Technosols in China

poster presentation


D. A. Sokolov, E. V. Abakumov, S. V. Morozov, V. A. Androkhanov

Dynamics of content and component composition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Spolic Technosols of anthracite deposit dumps in Siberia


Marek Petreje, Michal Sněhota, Petra Hečková, Barbora Rybová, Tomáš Chorazy

Use of demolition waste and biochar in a hybrid constructed wetland-extensive green roof

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M’Barki Kabira, El Khalil Hicham, Mandri Btissam, Boularbah, Ali

Organic and inorganic inputs for soil reconstruction in a semi-arid climate: review on the methodology used

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Soil activities by urban governments

(Convener: Wolfgang Burghardt)


Catherine Franck-Néel, Béatrice Béchet, Cécile Le-Guern, Bertrand Laroche, Catherine Keller, Romain Métois, Rehana Sheriff, Joël Moulin, Clémentine Duvigneau, Laetitia Boithias , Fabienne Marseille, Philippe Branchu

MUSE: A new approach to account for the soil multifunctionality in urban planning

poster presentation

Nexus Urban Soils – ESG ratings, significance and management of soils for climate and health impact

(Convener: Wolfgang Burghardt)


Silke Cram, Blanca Prado, Pilar Fernandez, Karla Toribio, Victor Peña, Helena Cotler

Soil ecosystem services in the Chapultepec Forest


Maha Deeb, Peter M. Groffman, Matthew Amato, Zhongqi Cheng, Daniel Giménez

Soil aggregates in bioswales: carbon storage, aggregate stability and micro organism activities


Kseniia Orlova, Igor Savin

Assessment of urban soils quality in Russia using concepts of soil ecological functions and ecosystem services


Viacheslav Vasenev, Marina Slukovskaya, Sergey Gorbov, Maria Korneykova, Natalia Saltan, Marina Umanets, Andrey Stepanov, Dmitry Sarzhanov, Kristina Ivashchenko, Inna Kanareykina, Tatiana Voroshikhina, Natalya Mishurina, Evgeny Svatikov

Lawn ecosystems on peat-sand-loam mixtures along the climatic gradient


Bianca Rompato, Remigio Paradelo Nùñez, Giovanni Mastrolonardo, Giacomo Certini

Unsealing urban soils for improving citizens’ well-being


Claire Vieillard, Laure Vidal-Beaudet, Robin Dagois, Stéphanie Ouvrard

In situ evaluation of soil desealing strategies to promote ecosystem services: preliminary results

poster presentation


Marie Belin, Emmanuel Gendreau, Tiavina Andrianantenaina, Xavier Raynaud, Yoan Marcangeli, David Carmignac, Jean-Christophe Lata

Study of ecosystem services generated in an experimental design combining green roofs and photovoltaic panels

Open Session on SUITMAs

(Conveners: Christina Siebe, Viacheslav Vasenev)


N.V. Salnik, S.N. Gorbov, O.S. Bezuglova, A.K.Sherstnev

The microelement composition distribution in native soils of Rostov agglomeration under wood plants

poster presentation


Dmitry Vlasov, Natalia Kosheleva, Nikolay Kasimov

The role of soils in the enrichment of PM1 particles of road dust in Moscow with chemical elements


Meriyeme Beroigui, Stéphanie Ouvrard, Christophe, Schwartz, Ali Boularbah,

Soil carbon sequestration in urban soils under different land uses in a semi-arid region: physico-chemical and biochemical factors influence

poster presentation


Fidele Karamage, Chi Zhang, Tong Liu, Andrew Maganda, Alain Isabwe, Emma Salim Mukalazi

Soil Erosion Risk Assessment in Uganda


Piotr Hulisz, Anna Dziemińska, Sylwia Pindral, Adam Michalski, Michał Dąbrowski, Maciej Markiewicz

Land use impact on spatial soil diversity in the historical palace park (Lubostroń, north-central Poland)


I.V. Zamotaev, R.G. Gracheva, A.V.Dolgikh, Yu.V.Konoplianikova, P.V. Mikheev, E.A. Belonoskaya, A.S. Dobryansky

Soils in the areas of sugar industry waste disposal


Virginie Moreaux, Jean-Marie Come, Guillaume Hostyn,2, Vincent Huber, Séverin Poutrel, Gaylord Erwan Machinet, Xavier Marie, Rebecca Dinkuhn, Claire Morvan, Jean-Philippe Tagutchou, Axel Bernard, Christophe Schwartz, Stéphanie Ouvard

How to give new value to moderately contaminated soil – assessment of wood energy production with short rotation coppice



P.N. Skripnikov, S.N. Gorbov , A.A. Nalivaichenko , S.A. Tishchenko

The role of artificial forest plantations in the accumulation processes and carbon various forms distribution in urban soils (on the example of the Rostov city agglomeration)

poster presentation

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